The Standardbred Fan Club first wrote of Spud, a former pacer Standardbred, new career in our 'Stories' section. Since then ...

- Spud was selected as the Standardbred that Performance Standardbreds (Calgary) will be featuring at Spruce Meadows (2008)

- Spud's story was published in the Pacific Prairie Horse Journal Magazine (August 2008 issue) and the Horses All newspaper (July, 2008 issue)

- A Standardbred retraining video is now available! More info

The Re-training Center is a multi-disciplinary effort working with the horses with a mandate as broad as involving teenagers, troubled youth, providing therapeutic and educational horse clinics, providing horse experience for poorer famillies (who may not otherwise be able to afford horse related activities), hosting fun competitions, and a gathering place for volunteers who just like 'being around horses'. We believe that Standardbred horses make good company!

For this endeavour, a facility with preferably a large outdoor ring, indoor arena, pasture and paddocks, riding trails nearby, a barn, housing/accommodation would be ideal. Please contact the club if you know of any place suitable ~ thank you - we only have a month left!

Help the Standardbred Fan Club reach its goals! A donation of any dollar amount will go to locating a suitable facility to start a Standardbred Re-training Center!
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Fundraising ideas!

If you have any, please let the Club know. Thank you :)

The Standardbred Fan Club is always looking for more information on Standardbreds. Although the club and site is entirely run by volunteer effort, input from members sure helps :) Send us your stories, successes, information.

Join us for some Standardbred cameraderie! Membership is absolutely free.
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