Standardbred horses for Trail Riding, Therapeutic work and other!

One of the best known 2nd careers for retired pacing Standardbred race horses is as trail riding horses. With the Standardbred's reliable and sensible personality, trail riding is a natural for the breed and many pacers adopted or rehomed from the race track find new careers as trustworthy and hardy trail riding companions.

It is not unusual to see Standardbred horses in parades or the world-famous RCMP Musical Ride with the horses sensible outlook, talents and love of fun!
Canada Day Parade with Standardbred horses RCMP musical ride
RCMP Musical Ride with Standardbred horses
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For the same qualities, Standardbreds are also found in therapeutic horseback riding (also known as equine-assisted activity or adaptive riding) to teach riding skills to people with disabilities. The horses also excel working with youth at risk, who learn horsemanship with the patient and sensible nature of the Standardbred horse.

Many beginner riders had their first lesson on the patient and forgiving Standardbred horse and for this reason, many Standardbred horses start their second careers (after racing) as teachers for newcomers to riding in the riding ring or on the trails.

Maureen's riding lesson Photos courtesy of Epona Stable

The talented Standardbred horse is so versatile that you will see this breed in so many 2nd careers after racing including jumping, police work, endurance and as adorable pets!

If you look deep into the Standardbred's deep brown eyes, the horse seems to have an inate sense of our shortcomings and a capacity for forgiveness on a grand scale. And a heart that simply can't be matched.

The Standardbred

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