Standardbred Stories
(if you have a story, please email us with a photo(s) if possible - we welcome your contribution!)

A former racehorse finds a new life and new hope
"When the big Standardbred "Spud" was led out for bidding at a local Fraser Valley auction, the horse's good disposition caught Kym Slater's eye. [ ... ] The horse held his ground and proved to the Vancouver Police Department that he would be a keeper and earned his own badge number as an official member."    read more ...

Standardbreds are wonderful horses
"A friend recently referred to standardbreds as the "poor manís thoroughbred", but I believe they need take second place to no breed."    read more ...

How A Shy Scruffy Horse Became A Magnificent Mare
"Today she is a fast loping, sorta smooth trotting, carrot lovin beauty. She is spoiled rotten, she gets thigh massages every day, grain everyday, a full grooming everyday, rides and ground work everyday, and loved everyday. She repays us back by working hard on her trot, learning really quickly, being patient, being completely bombproof, affectionate, and the worlds best Standardbred of all time!"    read more ...

A Rescue Story
"I love standardbreds, they have galloped into my life more times than I can count. Being 17 and in high school has its troubles on its own but knowing that my 4 legged best friend will be waiting by the gate with a warm nose always makes the days go by."    read more ...

Brody, A Special Horse
"Here was a horse that had been starved to death, physically abused and some of his inside functions were beginning to shut down. She wanted to euthanize him but I asked for just a few days to see what happened. I have never been one to give up an animal if there was even a small chance and I could see in Brody's eyes that there was still life so we took it one day at a time and by two weeks he had surprised everyone.    read more ...

Since he "died", Ben has won numerous first places
"I bought him in 2006 from a Horse Rescue. His Race owners had sent him to the slaughter, and were so certain that it had been done that according to Australian Harness Racing records my boy is Deceased. "    read more ...
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I got the best Christmas present ever that year!
"She has become my perfect horse and I have to think it was somehow meant to be. "    read more ...

The Standardbred Fan Club is always looking for more information on Standardbreds. Although the club and site is entirely run by volunteer effort, input from members sure helps :) Send us your stories, successes, information.

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