I got the best Christmas present ever that year!

My Standardbred is my first horse. I have wanted a horse since I was a little girl, but didn't have the finances to own one until the grand old age of 47. Trying to be smart about things I decided to lease for awhile. I came upon an ad for a horse for lease so checked it out. Turned out it was

I got the best Christmas present ever that year!
a Standardbred mare - I had never heard of the breed before. She apparently had started training for racing but due to a hock injury (which doesn't affect her at all now) she was put into the Standardbred adoption program. She was adopted and trained to ride Western and had the same owner for about 10 years. However he wasn't able to ride as much as he used to and needed help with the board so wanted to lease her out. I leased her for a year. By that time I was sure I wanted to get my own horse and had saved up some money. I let the owner of the mare I was leasing know I would be getting a horse of my own soon. Well, right around Christmas time, the owner asked me if I would like to have "Terror" (her registered name is Drive By Terror). I had of course fallen in love with her so said yes! I got the best Christmas present ever that year!

I used the money I had saved to buy a horse for a nice saddle. I changed her name to Terra. I have been her owner for 3 years now. It has taken awhile for her to bond to and trust me but now she is my best buddy and
Terra, Standardbred mare
Terra is gentle and sweet, willing and fun.
friend. She has taught me so much. She comes to me from the pasture when I call her and we trail ride all the time together. She has become my perfect horse and I have to think it was somehow meant to be. Although I didn't know a thing about Standardbreds, I sure do now. She is gentle and sweet, willing and fun. She was so patient with me - although I had ridden whenever I could throughout my life I didn't have any experience with having my own horse. She tested me from time to time, but in doing so she taught me how to stay calm and be firm but gentle. I had to learn how to make her think things were her idea.

I can't imagine life without her now. I live for my days off and weekends when I can go out and ride and spend time with her. She is my therapy and my love. I would recommend Standardbreds to anyone - mine sure is a great horse!

~ Laura Kintop
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