Standardbred Stories
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A Rescue Story

I was given a 15 year old, 15.3hh scruffy mare for my 15th birthday. I never imagined that the green broke horse that was given to me would become my best friend.

We boarded her at a small friesian barn in Maine where the barn owner trained me and my horse to do everything including trust. I never had very much trust in anyone because I came from a divorced family and my mom's boyfriend at the time was a jerk. When Naughty came into my life, I felt like I could do anything, including retraining a mare who was blind in one eye. Naughty needed a best friend and I became her best friend. Eventually short jaunts in the arena became long galloping trail rides over hills and through streams. She would do anything for me.

I had Naughty at the barn for two years until a few months ago when my mom and her new boyfriend bought a house with a barn and an arena. Naughty moved there to live with me and we also started to free lease a halflinger named Heidi. I will always remember the day that Naughty stepped off the trailer with me and those first hesistant trot steps in her new field. When she was comfortable she did what most standardbreds do... she rolled. She got up and with a burst of speed that seemed to come from the wind itself, she galloped over to me and nuzzled my cheek almost saying "I like it here momma! Can we stay??"

This leads me to two days ago when I was looking on a horse classified and found a 15 year old standardbred needed a home. He was free, like Naughty, and the owner just wanted someone who would love him and give him a good home. I went to visit Freelance yesterday and once again, a standardbred is following me home in search of a new life as a riding horse. That silly gelding with the attitude of a stud will become my next project horse.

I love standardbreds, they have galloped into my life more times than I can count. Being 17 and in high school has its troubles on its own but knowing that my 4 legged best friend will be waiting by the gate with a warm nose always makes the days go by. I want to share the gift of a standardbred with everyone because these horses are so amazing. I can't believe that one scruffy little mare has made this big of an impact in my life and I hope Freelance will as well.

Standardbreds aren't just for racing any more!!

~Sarah, Naughty Sahbra, Freelance, and Heidi~
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