Standardbred Stories
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Standardbreds are wonderful horses

A friend recently referred to standardbreds as the "poor mans thoroughbred", but I believe they need take second place to no breed.

Ive had my standardbred, Kendar Patrol (barn name Zuckie)
for exactly a month now, although we met almost a year ago. We were brought together through my volunteering for the Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society and I owe his being with me to the generosity of the amazing Donna Stokell, who is also a volunteer and a wonderful foster mom. Zuckie is beautiful, intelligent and sweet.

Were mostly trail riding now as neither of us is in peak fitness, but we are gradually working our way into more ring work and low level dressage and small jumps. He hacks out alone or in company, canters on both leads and is already a great friend.

Im so happy to have found my horse and to belong to this group.

- John Freeman
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