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Think of the good you are doing for your special sponsored horse!
Sponsoring a former Pacer to enable a good start into a new career as a riding horse and a good quality of life is a good feeling!
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Keeping horses can be very costly and not everyone can afford the many costs involved such as hay, grain, veterinary care, retraining and boarding costs (for example, feeding costs for one horse is $350Cdn monthly). With our Pacer Sponsorship Program, you don't have to own a horse to contribute with helping a horse with a new start as a former pacer into a riding horse. You can select one horse to sponsor or several!

As a sponsor, you will be welcome to visit your special horse at almost anytime! Sponsors also receive:

  • A special thank you card from the sponsored horse
  • Updates on how the horse is doing
  • A special photo of the sponsored horse to show family and friends
  • and a great feeling of doing something really special for a horse that was destined for slaughter (giving the horse a second chance)
Sponsors obligations are to provide a monthly contribution of $125Cdn for a minimum of six months towards the horse's upkeep, retraining and care. The Club is run entirely by volunteers: Your contribution will assist the horse directly.

All of the Pacers below were rescued by the Club's volunteers from the racetrack and destined for slaughter. Many times we slip the owners cash just so that we can 'outbid' the killer-buyers (those who buy the horses intended as meat for human and pet consumption). Sometimes the owner of the pacer have been kind enough to give us the horse since our reputation for providing good homes is stellar. Almost all the horses in our care had some kind of injury(s) that rendered them unsuitable for further racing careers. Just think of the good you are doing for your special sponsored horse!

Star was in much pain when we first saw her at the racetrack. She was dejected and looked so forlorn. Due to stifle injuries and poor hoof condition, Star has had over half a year of rest to bring her health back. During that time, a blacksmith worked to restore her hooves to excellent shape and condition. Her stifle injuries were healed with treatment and a healthy lifestyle! This year Star learned to have a rider on her back and is now rideable and even learning to trot! Star desperately needs a sponsor so that she can continue her retraining and care. Please help Star!

Horse: Standardbred Mare
Age: 6 years
Issues: Grave pain in hooves and back legs upon arrival in 2011. Now completely sound and healthy. Prospects: Star has incredibly light movement and good looks too! She is very suitable for dressage and will be mistaken for a Dutch Warmblood with her pretty conformation and sculptured face. Star will be fully retrained and shown in dressage competition.
Star Star at the track Star today

If the above is not agreeable to me, I can also choose to make a donation instead.
Horse name:

Jewel, a little filly who is only two and a half years old, has been through a lot in her short life thus far. Jewel was first tried as a race horse. Then she was tried as a buggy horse. Then, at not even three years of age, she was started as a riding horse (although her bones are still undeveloped and she is tiny). Then she was turned over to a rescue. Simply put, Jewel has been through a lot.
Horse: Standardbred filly
Age: 2.5 years
Issues: Jewel has issues with being frightened: She has trust issues with humans although being so young, she wants to trust again. She is very sweet-natured and innocent and wide-eyed. She has a potential problem with a front tooth which requires veterinary attention (possibly surgery) and arrived extremely underweight.
Prospects: Trusting humans will not come easily to the little filly but we are seeing baby steps already.
Jewel in her new barn Jewel enjoying her breakfast

If the above is not agreeable to me, I can also choose to make a donation instead.
Horse name:

Long live the race horses!
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