Standardbred re-training video
video for retraining a Standardbred horse
A video produced by the Standardbred Fan Club that shows you the five simple steps in re-training
your Standardbred horse from a pace racing career to a riding horse.

The video includes the initial ground work (teaching voice association), lunging work (developing bending muscles, developing the trot and teaching the canter), preparation for the first ride, initial riding work and exercise, developing the trot and canter work.

Three Standardbreds at beginner to retrained levels of riding illustrate the various training methods used at each level to develop a fully trained riding horse.

An overview of the equipment used for pacing and the pacing training is also included for a better understanding of the sport and re-training requirements.

The DVD was made primarily for the novice and rider with some riding experience who have adopted or brought home a Standardbred horse from the pacing race track or adoption organization, although it will also be useful to instructors and trainers.

Click for more information information on Retraining The Pacer ~ Standardbred Training is available on www.StandardbredRetraining.com

Proceeds from the sale of the video will assist in establing a Standardbred re-training center (see wish list)
Retraining the pacer ~ Standardbred horse training video (DVD)
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See also www.StandardbredRetraining.com for scenes from the DVD and the re-training method and how to get Started Today!

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