A Selection: Famous Jumper Standardbreds

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Many people don't know that Standardbred horses are talented jumpers. In fact, the Olympic record for the most Gold medals in Show Jumping is held by a Standardbred horse - and to this day, Halla's outstanding accomplishment still hasn't been matched!

Below are some of the talented Standardbred horse show jumpers and check our members jumping feats with their talented Standardbred horses too!

Halla (May 16, 1945 - May 19, 1979)
The only horse ever to win three Olympic Gold medals
in the sport of show jumping.

Halla was born in the yard of Gustav Vierling in Darmstadt. Her parents were Helene, a French trotter horse of unknown breeding, and the Standardbred Oberst. Halla was first discovered by the German Olympic committee. She was to be used in the Military, but was considered however very difficult and changed riders several times. Despite her large talent she remained unsuccessful. In 1951 she was taken over by the then rising star Hans-GŁnter Winkler.

Hans GŁnter Winkler on Halla winning the Olympic Gold in Stockholm 1956
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Equestrian Games of the XVI Olympiad, Stockholm, June 1956. German rider Hans-GŁnter WINKLER and his horse Halla in action in the jumping event. Credit: IOC Olympic Museum Collections

Halla, had already won back-to-back World Championships in show jumping when they competed at the 1956 Olympics in Stockholm. During the first round, Halla took off early for the penultimate fence. Winkler was thrown into the air, landed heavily back in the saddle and pulled a groin muscle. He knew that if he withdrew from the final round, the German team would be eliminated. In great pain, he rode anyway. Halla completed the course without a fault. They earned gold in both the individual and team events. Four years later, at the 1960 Olympics in Rome, Halla and Winkler led the German team to another victory.

Together they won a total of 125 jumping competitions. Thus Halla stands as the horse with most gold medals from the Olympic Games in The Guinness Book of the Records.

Halla retired from the sport on October 25, 1960 and went into the breeding farm, although Halla brought eight foals in to the world none was a champion like herself. Halla produced eight foals, and died on 19 May 1979 at the high age of 34 years.

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  • Winner Individual Gold Medal 1956 Olympics in Stockholm
  • Winner Team Gold Medal 1956 Olympics in Stockholm
  • Winner Team Gold Medal 1960 Olympics in Rome
  • Winner 1954 World Championships in Madrid
  • Winner 1955 World Championships in Aachen
  • Individual Bronze Medal 1958 European Championships in Aachen

International Grand Prix Wins include:

  • 1957 Aachen (CHIO) Grand Prix
  • 1958 Wiesbaden Grand Prix
  • 1959 Rome (CSIO) Grand Prix

More Famous Jumper Standardbreds

Bionic Woman demonstrates the jumping potential of a Standardbred during an exhibition high jump contest at Santa Anita Racetrack, 1983 or 1984.
Bionic Woman

1974 bay mare (Addio Byrd x Bonbon Lobell) - A full-blooded pacer, she was rank at the track and traded for a farrier bill. Regularly ridden by Susie Hutchinson, Bionic Woman jumped as high as 6'9", and made it to the Nation's Cup. In addition to being an international show jumping star, she had six foals (mostly from warmblood stallions), each of which enjoyed success in the show ring.

High Hopes
This trotter, owned by Jimmy Williams, was the Pacific Coast Jumper Champion in 1961, '64, '65, and '66. A half-Thoroughbred offspring named Here's Hoping was also successful in the show jumping ring.

Registered as Primrose Express, this Standardbred was a show jumping champion of the late 60's and early 70's. He jumped 6'9" on two occasions, and his half-sister crossed with Thoroughbred-type stallions and produced several successful foals.

Non-Stop 1968 Standardbred - After a saddleseat trainer purchased him from the track for $350, this horse eventually became a 4-time World's Grand Champion Roadster [as of 1990], and offers for him were made -- and declined -- for as high as $200,000.

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