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Many people don't know that Standardbred horses are talented jumpers. In fact, the Olympic record for the most Gold medals in Show Jumping is held by a Standardbred horse - and to this day, Halla's outstanding accomplishment still hasn't been matched!

Below are some of the Standardbred Fan Club's members with their talented Standardbred horse show jumpers. Check our Famous Standardbred horse jumpers section too!

Bethan Smith from Wales
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Hetty Spaghetti
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Hello here on the pix is the first time my standardbred mare Charly Sing Da Blues jump in free jumping!
This pic is from 1 years ago and now we look to start competition !
Eric Dufour

PeterPan jumping

Show jumping with my Standardbred Peterpan with lots of scope to go higher..He's crazy about jumping.
Photo from Maureen Chaffey
New Zealand

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