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“Being a member means becoming involved in your Club so that more pacers
and trotters have good lives after their racing careers have ended.”

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Membership Application

Membership to the club helps the volunteer-run rescue and club continue horse rescue care and activities. We also invite interested individuals to make a donation of any denomination on signing up or provide a service/volunteering in-kind.

Membership Options

I am also making my one-time membership donation in any denomination to the following club campaign(s):

Horse awaiting its fate at the race track
The club's founder and volunteers head over to the local pacer racetrack at season end and rehome the horses ... we have a few short days to locate homes for as many race horses as possible and save them from the killer-buyers who buy the horses for slaughter. Some of the horses remain in our care for retraining and rehoming.

Your membership donation will help so very much with their food, care and retraining needs.
Thank You!
The tragic reality is that Canada slaughters nearly 90,000 horses every year. The majority of those horses are race horses. Canada not only accepts the Unites States unwanted horses for slaughter in this country (the Americans have outlawed horse slaughter), we also contribute thousands of our own unwanted horses to the tragic business.

Our idea is to establish a Canada Race Horse Retirement Foundation to enable the horses to have a second chance to do what horses do so well: Serve their country and their communities. We want to explore and put into practice innovative new ideas to bring horses into peoples lives meaningfully such as inspirations for children with autism, youth at risk, the elderly, individuals with terminal illnesses, as educators of life skills, thereby saving as many retired race horses as possible.
Thank You!

To continue our work both on behalf of the horses and the community, we have to grow and expand into a larger facility. Standardbred horses are wonderful with children teaching lots of life skills and providing outdoors fun! Adults adore the horses for their kind and forgiving natures - read our members stories and see how the horses bring joy and happiness into their owners lives.

As the Standardbred Horse Fan Club continues to grow and increase activities, a larger facility is a must-item on the horizon. Your membership donation can make the Bigger and Better facility come true!
Thank You!

Hay, grain, horse transport costs, vet checks, retraining ... all important and all necessary. Please consider a membership general donation for the essentials.
Thank you so much for your kindness.

Thank You!
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