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About the Standardbred Horse Fan Club

The Standardbred Horse Fan Club's founder, , wanted to bring to light the beauty of the Standardbred horses and the many talents that the breed has after a racing career. felt that way too many Standardbreds end up in the slaughter houses because people generally assume that a "pacer can't canter", or cannot move on to any other careers than trail riding.

The Standardbred Horse Fan Club was established in 2004 as a grassroots organization with the purpose to educate the public about the many talents of the pacer and trotter above and beyond that of being a race horse.

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The popularity of the Club's retraining method spread as pacers demonstrated the ease with which the horses went from a racetrack career to riding and competition horses. The retraining method relies on kindness, compassion, understanding and universal humane horse training principles. In 2011, the retraining method was demonstrated and produced on video, Retraining The Pacer ~ Standardbred Horse Training which has since become the most popular retraining method for the pacers all over the world (see for more information).

More and more, the public is beginning to realize that pacers can be retrained and many can have promising new careers in almost any riding discipline.

The Club is entirely run on volunteer effort and relies in part on public donations for the horses in its care (all are rescues from a race track life and were destined for slaughter without the club's intervention),
as well as its causes. Every penny donated truly goes into the horses and every item benefits the horses. The Standardbred Fan Club is not a non-profit club - does not want to deplete the already substandard funding available to the Standardbred adoption societies. Although we operate on a shoestring budget, we're technically a for-profit organization; as such, contributions to the Standardbred Horse Fan club are not tax-deductible. In lieu of a tax receipt, we offer you our pledge that every penny you donate will go directly to the care of horses, to our causes, and to educating the public about the wonderful Standies, and that none will be spent on administration or staff.

The Standardbred Fan Club's aim is to try to educate the public about the merits of the pacers as equine companions when they are discarded by the racing industry. We believe that may be the only hope in this age for the animals.

Please donate

The Standardbred Horse Fan Club relies entirely on public support and volunteer help.

Through public giving and donations, we continue to work with love and tirelessly for the horses, our causes and even the web site updates!

Please donate either items or financial support. We thank you so very very much!

Items that the club needs:

A pickup truck (to pick up hay and save on delivery charges).

A horse trailer (to transport horses from the track to our premises and save on horse transportation costs)

Hay (the horses love this item!)

Grain (the horses really love this item too!)


Help the Standardbred Fan Club reach its goals. A donation of any dollar amount will enable us to continue caring for the horses, support our causes and continue our mission.

Thank you so much for your kindness.

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