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The Standardbred Fan Club is for anyone who loves the breed!

The Standardbred posseses integrity and a strong work ethic no matter what the task

The beauty of Standarbreds - apart from their outer and inner beauty ofcourse! - is the incredible versatility that Standardbreds possess. You will see them in dressage, jumping, eventing, western, equitation, trotters, pacers, endurance, parades, police work, search and rescue work ... and as adorable, reliable, trustworthy and noble pets (or as we prefer to say, extended family!).

Standardbreds are Winners often too! Standardbreds are Winners often too! The Standardbred Fan Club is comprised of people who have Standardbreds, are interested in the breed, want to make friends with other Standardbred owners or fans, and anyone from anywhere in the world! At present, the Club runs out of Epona Stable located in British Columbia, Canada.

Standardbred on duty! Western Please riding

We invite you to peruse who some of the Standardbred Fan Club members are and the lovely horses in the Members and Photos section (and if you would like to join the club, membership is absolutely free - join now!).

Bionic woman, wellknown Standarbred jumper Famous Standardbred Jumpers Bud The Third, a Standardbred police horse Read Spud's amazing story!
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An equestrian center to set up a professional Standardbred Re-training Center more info
· Standardbred forum (free to join)
· Retraining video Excellent reviews!

Standardbred training video - retraining the pacer
video for retraining a Standardbred horse
A video produced by the Standardbred Fan Club that shows you the five simple steps in re-training your Standardbred horse from a pace racing career to a riding horse.

Includes ground work, lunging work, the first ride, teaching your horse the trot and canter gaits. Everything that you will need to know is included in one video. more info

Proceeds go toward establishing a Standardbred re-training facility.
Re-training the Standardbred horse
The Standardbred Fan Club has received tremendous good feedback on the Retraining The Pacer ~ Standardbred Horse Training video. The product also includes free notes to accompany the video.

More information is available also on
Coming soon! Voice concerns to Equine Right To Life (ER) and unite with other Canadian horse owners to end horse slaughter in Canada.

If anyone has any comments about horse transportation or slaughter, also feel free to contact the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, there is a comments form on Agency's web site:

Make your views known directly to the Agency on their feedback form - the gov't wont know what our views are unless we tell them!

Standardbred Forum Do you have questions about training your standardbred horse? Or can you share your experiences with your Standie? The Standardbred forum is a place where we all meet, chat, and obtain some great information on care, training, re-training, and the breed. Everyone is welcome!

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Pacer adoption program
Do you like any of the Standardbred Horses below? These are beautiful horses that have been retired as pacing race horses. They will be free to a good home only and the Standardbred Fan Club will provide a retraining video with the horse. More info
Pacer adoption program
These horses and many others need to find new homes before April 16, 2011. The Standardbred Fan Club is assisting trainers at the track with finding new homes for these lovely hores. The horses are free to a good home only and the Standardbred Fan Club will provide a retraining video with the horse. More info
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Standardbred Fan Club tshirts and accessories.
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Proceeds go toward establishing a Standardbred re-training facility.
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The Standardbred Fan Club is always looking for more information on Standardbreds. Although the club and site is entirely run by volunteer effort, input from members sure helps :) Send us your stories, successes, information.

Join us for some Standardbred cameraderie! Membership is absolutely free.
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